Financial Information

Above is the front page of the most recent tax return (Form 990) filed, for Tax Year 2017.  The full return is on file at the Attorney General's "Check-a-Charity" program, and can also be had for a nominal fee to cover printing from H&R Block Business Services at 123 West 4th Street, Salem MO 65560.  The link to the "Check-A-Charity" website, managed by the Missouri Attorney General's office is available here:


In summary, total revenue was $1,010,445, total expenses were $1,016,683, of which $1,318.00 was used for administrative expenses.

$ 1,015,545 of expenses were program service expenses, used to directly benefit residents.  99.87% of revenue was used for program expenses, and 0.13% of revenue was used for administration.