Online Donations

The Lifeway Center operates from donations...donations of money, food, automobiles, antiques, diamonds, serviceable clothing, household items, working appliances, essentially anything of value.  Many of these donations we are able to provide not only a tax-receipt (deductible contribution), but also a tax-credit, which can reduce your tax directly as well as indirectly.

All proceeds from the sale of any items donated are used to support the efforts of the Lifeway Center.  Since opening in 2001, neither Shepherd's Nook Food Pantry, the Project Win Cancer Support Group, or any other outreach has paid salaries or benefits to anyone...all serve as volunteers.  So you can be confident that your donations will be used to better the community directly; a true "non-profit".  All funds since inception have been deposited into local banks, and our annual tax filings are a matter of public record.

For the Lifeway Center Thrift Store, click here.

For more expensive items, (cars, antiques, diamonds, etc), click here.

Whatever you are donating, whether it be time or resources, thank you, and God bless you!!