Project Win Cancer Support Group

Project Win meets on Thursday nights, at 630 PM, here at the Lifeway Center.  You can receive information about various cancers, prayer, encouragement, and funds to help with the extra expenses that cancer sometimes brings (as they are available).  We also have information about wigs, foods, and lots of practical information that can help you through the toughest portions of the treatment process.  Most of those you will meet are cancer survivors - who have been given a clean bill of health (including from stage-4).  Prayer is not forced on anyone, but when you are given no other hope, it is good to know the Lord still answers prayers of faith (we have living proof !!). 

There is no cost to attend the meetings, or to be a part of Project Win.  For more information, you can contact:

** - indicates cancer survivor or family member involved with Project Win

Sheri Stack - 573-247-1367                                   

Bill Stack 573-247-1116

Bruce & Patty Powell - 573-729-2822 **

Beth Light - 573-729-4647 **

Doris Kay (DK) Bequette - 573-729-8490 **